What's a Tennis Circle?

Believe it or not, you're standing at the center of your own Tennis Circle right now. Your tennis life revolves around you and TennisCircle.net helps you manage communications with tennis partners and friends like no other social tennis website.

Solo is not an option.

In the world of tennis, going solo is not an option. You must connect with others in order to play. TennisCircle.net allows you to connect with others in a safe and secure online environment.

Sometimes the World is just too much.

A tennis life is a life connected with others, but connected in today’s World Wide Web of social media takes on a very different meaning. It can be overwhelming. TennisCircle.net allows complete control over the radius of your circle. Don't want to be contacted by old classmates living half way across the country? You don't have to be.

Host a Circle.

As a Circle Host you'll maintain total control over the size and exclusivity of your circle. You manage who gets in and who stays in while your members manage their personal contact info and communication preferences. TennisCircle.net is ideal for league coordinators, teaching pros, team coaches or anyone that wants to regularly connect with a circle of friends to play tennis.

Join a Circle.

Circle Members are free to openly communicate with the host and all other circle members. You choose how you want to receive communications from the site - by email, text or both - and your contact information is always kept securely hidden from your circle host and all circle members. Having a busy week at work and don't want the distraction? You can turn off communications at any time, then turn them back on again when your schedule allows more time for tennis.


Join TennisCircle.net, invite your friends and start a circle. Your tennis life, only better.